Grand G500

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Project Description

Grand G500


The Golden Line G500 represents a fresh approach by our design team.

This 5-meter model is capable of handling engines up to 115hp and is great at riding the waves whilst also delivering the thrills and spills of water sports, keeping up with fish or simply enjoying the excitement of speed over the water. It is one of the safest and most comfortable boats in it’s class with its light-weight, high-performance structure together with a heavy-duty, Deep “V” hand laid hull and an elegance of design that boaters will readily appreciate.

The helming position is well designed and comfortable while the rest of the cockpit will certainly meet your passengers’ needs.

This new, innovative model has the potential to transform your expectations in terms of performance, family enjoyment and safety.

The boat is available with PVC or HYPALON tubes.

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Technical Data

Models G500LF
Length overall, cmft/inches 49516′ 3″
Length internal, cmft/inches 33210′ 1″
Width overall, cmft/inches 2307′ 7″
Width internal, cmft/inches 1284′ 2″
Tube diameter, cminches 5020″
Bare boat weight *, kglbs 435957
Transport gross weight **, kglbs 5501210
Loading capacity ***, kglbs 10002200
Passenger capacity 10
No of chambers 5
Engine recommended, HPkW 9066,2
Engine max ***, HPkW 11584,6
Engine weight max, kglbs 210462
Engine shaft length inches 20″(long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 21° / 18°
Stowed dimensions of package №1, cmcm







16′ 6″

7′ 3″

3′ 4″

Stowed dimensions of package №2, cmcm







3′ 11″

3′ 0″

3′ 8″

Hull type RIB
Boat design category ***** D,C

* – The bare boat weight is just a weight of the emply boat without any removable accessories.
** – The transport gross weight is the a weight of the complete boat in standard package.
*** – Because of differences of local boatbuilding standarts The Loading capacity and Maximum Engine Power may vary by country.
**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.