Grand G580

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Project Description

Grand G580


As a part of our on-going product development program, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our new Golden Line G580.

This new model sits neatly between two of our current best sellers – the G500 and G650.

Whilst retaining the overall styling concept of the series the G580 has its own distinctive features:

  • Updated hull and tube geometry based on a synthesis of modern design and ergonomics
  • Dynamic shape contouring with sweeping lines
  • Plenty of storage capacity
  • Optimal weight distribution with steering console and double pilot/passenger seats located centrally within the cockpit.

Test drives showed excellent results in terms of seaworthiness, load capacity and other key parameters including the range of outboards proposed. This has been achieved by combining our proven High Step Hull design with a high deadrise, spectacular contours and attention to detail throughout.

This new model has a contemporary appearance and follows the distinctive corporate identity we are developing throughout the GOLDEN LINE range. In common with all models in the series the G580 is equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment plus a wide range of options and accessories. These, together with new upholstery combinations will give the boat excellent customer appeal and help create a unique identity.

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Technical Data

 Models  G580LF
 Length overall  cm  585
 ft/inches  19′ 2”
 Length inside  cm  427
 ft/inches  14′ 0”
 Width overall  cm  245
 ft/inches  8′ 0”
 Width inside  cm  145
 ft/inches  4′ 9”
 Tube diameter  cm  50
inches 20”
Bare Boat weight * kg 535
lbs 1177
Transport Boat weight ** kg 650
lbs 1430
Loading capacity *** kg 1200
lbs 2640
Passenger capacity 12
No of chambers 5
Engine recommended HP 130
kW 95,6
Engine max *** HP 150
kW 110,3
Engine weight max kg 240
lbs 528
Engine shaft length inches 20″(long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 20°/ 17°
Stowed dimensions of packageNo1 cm 578
cm 225
cm 117
ft/inches 19′ 0”
ft/inches 7′ 5”
ft/inches 3′ 10”
Stowed dimensions of package No2 cm 143
cm 112
cm 125
ft/inches 4′ 8”
ft/inches 3′ 8”
ft/inches 4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No3 cm 105
cm 62
cm 91
ft/inches 3′ 5”
ft/inches 2′ 0”
ft/inches 3′ 0”
Hull type RIB
Boat design category **** D,C

* -The bare boat weight is the weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.
** -The transport weight is the weight of a complete boat in standard package.
*** – Because of differences of local boatbuilding standards the Loading capacity and maximum. Engine Power may vary by country.
**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.